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Category List »  Irrigation Machinery

Pivot/Linear/Centerliner Systems 9000
The economical solution for all farming area and crop types. Optimal utilisation of the area thanks to the intelligent control system and high levels of flexibility, including on uneven terrain. The Centerliner 9000 is characterised by its top quality irrigation and low energy consumption! »

Rainstar Irrigation Machines
Compact, cost effective and flexible for use on any shape of area. Easy handling and high operating security for long years. Entirely galvanized hose reel - long lasting corrosion protection for the whole steel construction. Modern design - ergonomic centre with unfolding solar panel and irrigation computer. New radial full-stream turbine TVR 20 and TVR60 - higher performance range, lower pressure losses. New sprinkler cart with integrated pendulum balance. Energy saving irrigation! »

Irrigation Boom AS16, AS26, AS32 & AS50
Mounted on wheel cart of Rainstar T models. Symmetric and asymmetric PE hose reeling. Design width 16, 26, 32 and 50 meters. Irrigation strip width depending on nozzles up to 72 meter. »

Diesel Pumping Unit
With diesel pump units by Bauer you have the perfect complement for your irrigation system. Here a just a few of the advantages for you: • Perfect match of pump and motor • High efficiency over the entire range of performance • Low fuel consumption at all operating points • Great workmanship • Convenient design with self-priming device, automatic shut off device... »

Wide-range Sprinklers
Optimal flexibility for every operation • Large performance range • Easy to handle • Maintenance-free • Slow reverse • Variable jet angle New standards in handling and performance • Bauer wide range sprinklers have been designed specifically for modern, energy-minded irrigation management and set new standards in handling and performance • The sprinklers are equally suited for every type of irrigation system because of a special drive system which breaks up the water jet into an effective spray that does not harm the crops, through all pressure ranges. • Operation is simple and requires no adjustment. Bauer wide range sprinklers respond to fluctuating pressure conditions and varying nozzle sizes and adjust automatically. • A wide range sprinkler with unmatched versatility so far. »

Bauer Famos Gear Pump
Famos tractor gear pumps in combination with an irrigation plant from Bauer is always the best choice: Excellent quality in working as well as years of experience in the development of pumps result in an efficiency and long life cycle that can't be beaten! The high efficiency and the stable value of our pumps is unique and is certainly the ideal solution for an economic and cost-efficient irrigation. • Properly graduated outputs make the Famos pump range highly adaptable in terms of operating requirements and guarantee maximum performance whether the pumps are supplying irrigation machines with up to 12 bars of pressure or sprinkler plants (pipes and sprinklers) with discharge capacities of up to 150m³/h. • Bauer Famos pumps feature maximum efficiency and economy due to an ideally shaped volute housing, a precision-machined impeller, shafts running in ball bearings, and a sophisticated gearbox with equal helical bearings. • High-grade materials processed by qualified technicians provide the Bauer Famos pump with the long life demanded from a good pump. • Bauer Famos pumps are user-friendly. The mechanical seal is maintenance-free and prevents air intake during the suction procedure. Therefore it is not necessary to readjust or replace the gland packing and pump operation is not disturbed by water leaking from the shaft seal. The oil-filled gearbox is ideally suited for the tough operating conditions in agricultural applications. »

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