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Category List »  Slurry Technology

Separation Technology
Strong output and optimum dry matter content are the characteristics of Bauer Separators. Their long durability lead back to many years of experience, perfect technical design and the use of high quality material. This makes us the technological leader in this field. Based on our quality assurance system ISO9001 and constant development of all our components, Bauer manufactures products of only the highest standards. Separation saves money Separation stands at the forefront of liquid manure management. It is the starting point of subsequent meaningful liquid manure preparation. After separating into solid and liquid media, many useful opportunities for further processing exist. For instance, the separated solid portion is used today to produce valuable bedding material or compost. The liquid manure in turn ensures reliable growth in the fields during every growing season. It replaces chemical fertilizer to save money, lowers environmental impact and promotes animal health. The Bauer Separator converts manure into a valuable fertilizer Fully-automatic separation – that means splitting up slurry into a liquid and a solid fraction – offers great advantages. The thin slurry remaining can be distributed any time without any sophisticated homogenizing techniques. The odorless solid fraction is easy to store without any problems Economical use of existing resources with up-to-date technologies. Farms with high animal concentrations are faced with great problems due to the large amounts of manure. This applies particularly to farms with a high stock per unit and area. Existing legal requirements aggravate the situation. For this reason, slurry must be treated adequately. Customary manure management systems are time-consuming, labor-intensive and can require enormous investments as well. High economic efficiency Slurry separation is the ideal solution for farms with a large animal population and small distribution areas. It reduces the storage capacity requirement up to 30%. Through specific use of nutrients of the liquid and solid fractions, mineral fertilizers can be saved. Extra profits are possible by selling the solids to small gardeners for example, or as a basis of compost for horticultural farms. »

Agitation Technology
Powerful- compact- user friendly Properly stirred slurry guarantees uniform distribution of nutrients, that is to say optimum growth and increased yields. Optimum homogenization of fluid mediums: - Agriculture - Biogas plants - Sewage plants - Industrial areas »

Pumping Technology
An essential factor in order for the complete system to function is the transportation of fluid mediums on agricultural farms, but also in the industrial field. The gear and pedestal pumps with special and powerful cutting units are also suitable for conveying slurry or fluids with long fibres and a solids content up to 12%. - Efficiency - Feeding of separators - High recognition value - Multi –drive, many fields of application - Easy maintenance »

Bauer Slurry Tankers
The finest in spreading equipment! »

Plug & Play Separator System
Flexible, compact design incorporates all components in a small unit! »

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